WP.8 – Exploitation

WP.8 leader – National Technical University of Ukraine, Polytechnic Ins., Ukraine

WP. 8 is an exploitation work package that deals with the sustainability of the project outcomes October 2014 – November 2016). It includes close cooperation with the ministries and LLL organizations. Presentations about the applied framewords and methods (under WP 2, WP3) will be presented to all interested HEIs, various organizations under the control of the ministries (for example, National Center for Education Quality Enhancement, Georgia) and other stakeholders. In this way, the project will benefit the societies in AGU at large. The WP also envisages creation of LLL Teacher Network that will gather LLL community from professors, teachers, technical and administrative personnel of the participant HEIs. The community will work as a means of sharing experience and combining efforts to cope with future challenges. The WP also ensures the sustainability of outcomes through LLL promotion effort by addressing the urgent need for seminars and conferences in LLL. This is meant for a wider set of HEIs within AGU. The seminars will work as an inspiration for the professors to take interest and develop on understanding for LLL issues, and for university administrators to widen the missions of university and include LLL.