WP.6 – Dissemination of project information

WP.6 leader – Ilia State University, Georgia

WP. 6 aims at promoting project outcomes at national and international levels. It deals with dissemination of project information (December 2013 – November 2016). It will focus on both internal and external aspects information dissemination activities for the project in general. This plan will identify the target groups for project dissemination, an agreed dissemination strategy and the detailed plan of dissemination activities (paper to be prepared, promotional materials to be created and conference to be organized or to which the consortium partners intend to take part to, etc.). The co-ordinator will also take advantage of the European Commission EVE platform for the dissemination and exploitation of results of the project.
Effective information distribution within the project consortia will be provided by:
* running internal web page for the project, containing all plans and materials;
* running an external web page about project activities and outcomes as a central step for sustainability of project outcomes;
* Newspapers contacts, mass media
* Social media management and blogging, spreading information to a general public.
* Other types of publications, in journals and conferences.
Effective information distribution to the wider audience will be provided by:
* Conducting various meetings and conferences as on national, but also on international level for disseminating intermediate and final results;
* The ministries and adult organizations further contributing via their web-pages;