WP.1 – Project Management

WP. 1 (December 2013 – November 2016) addresses project management and includes coordination of activities and resources, both external and internal, led by the project coordinator, Linnaeus University. The WP-leaders will use meetings, such as planned physical meetings, Skype meetings and other internet meetings with consortium members as its main work method. The project coordinator will also be responsible for all monitoring activities initiated by EACEA in Brussels.
During the Kick-Off meeting at Linnaeus University in Vaxjo (Sweden) the management process was discussed and established.

Planned meetings year 2015:
–  in Lyngby/Copenhagen, February 2-4
–  in Yerevan, June 8-11  (also in Gavar)
–  in Coimbra, October 5-7
Planned meetings year 2016:

–  in Ruse, February 8-10
–  in Kiev, May16-18 
Three regular meeting each year.

Main activities will be to monitor project activities, discuss economic issues, prepare reports and audit, planning further meetings, etc.
Additional meeting will be arranged, both physical and Online meetings.
A summative conference is planned in Tbilisi during fall semester 2016.