The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

orgs_2015_1MESU is governmental organization which provides development and implementation of the national policy in education, innovation and information procedures; responsible for reformation of higher education in Ukraine. Ensures the development of a national innovation system, scientific and technical expertise of state, international and regional programs and projects. Creates the conditions for obtaining higher education, inclusive education and lifelong education. Responsible for law regulations by taking decisions of opening the lifelong learning education programs in the universities. Coordinates the activities of the governmental state target programs. Defines a strategy for monitoring the quality of education and ensure its realization. MESU is responsible for National educational standards verification and approving, educational organizations licensing.

MESU will make contribution to the set of guidelines of methodology for distance and e-learning adult education, contributes to framework providing principles for LLL projects with special attention on adults with inclusive needs, participate in the guidelines development of the National Standards of Postgraduate education, Distance and Adults Postgraduate Education Regulations, make contribution to guidelines of needs assessment of LLL for sectors, target groups. MESU make monitoring of the pilot LLL projects. Representatives from MESU will take part in seminars for exchanges of experiences between the different projects, conferences and will support with publicity information distribution.