The kick-off and coordination meeting on January 20–22, 2014 in Växjö, Sweden

act1 A kick-off and coordination meeting for the project was held in Växjö on January 20–22.
This Kick-off meeting gathered around 50 participants from all the consortium partners. During the conference, the participants got an insight into how Linnaeus University and Sweden work with LLL-issues. A number of good examples were presented to serve as inspiration.
Three former students at Linneus University told the background and story of how they made the leap from regular nurses to specialized Anaesthetic nurses. Staff members from Linnaeus University informed about LLL in practice, the subject area was “Small scale sustainable forestry”education.
The third example was about LLL from an “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Perspective”

An additional LLL-example was about the IKEA-Bridge and the Ingvar Kamprad Foundation, which are managed to Linnaeus University.

Accounts of the LLL-situations in the Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine were also presented. Other extracts from the agenda: Group discussions about perspectives of LLL-processes – Possibilities and Stakeholders at Linnaeus University.
Tempus project planning seminars were of course also held to discuss and plan for the continuation of the project.