Tempus LeAGUe Monitoring Day in Ukraine, Odessa National Polytechnic University

Monitoring day of National Erasmus+ Office of Ukraine held in Odessa National Polytechnic University April 14, 2015. Project LeAGUe were presented by Ilona Revenchuk (KhNURE), Bohdan Sus (TSNUU), Sergii Stirenko (NTU KPI), Vira Liubchenko and Ruslan Shaporin (ONPU).

In the whole monitoring was successful. As the strengths of the projects were pointed:

  • Relevance: elaboration of Law in Ukraine
  • Good project management
  • Strong impact: using experience and connection with business
  • Extension of customer categories
  • Widespread adoption of e-Learning technologies: access extension, variety of methods As the weaknesses were pointed:
  • Dissemination: week information spreading between potential customers
  • Promotion strategy: system approach to information at the national level The officers of NEO offered such advices:
  • Elements of LLL should be included into strategy plans of universities development
  • Guidebook should be developed with respect to new Law on Higher Education
  • List of developed courses should be defined
  • Promotion strategy should be prepared
  • Proactive planning to avoid terms non-fitment
  • Equipment purchase
  • Decision making procedure should be made more open
  • Discuss 2-side collaboration possibilities between Ukrainian and Armenian or Georgian universities