Russian-Armenian University

Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University 

Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University is one of the leading universities in the South Caucasus region, founded under the joint authority of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia in 1997. Students receive Double Diplomas, accredited by both Armenian and Russian Ministries of Education and Science.

The first intake of students was held in February 1999 for Departments of Law, Public and Municipal Administration and Journalism. Since then the University has been constantly growing and encompassing new branches of learning and research.

RAU has 5 Institutes:

Currently, 30 Departments operate in the University that offer wide range of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in more than 70 fields of studies. RAU maintains 22 undergraduate and 42 graduate programs, 4 specialist (BM) programs and 50 PhD programs.” to “RAU maintains 30 Bachelor programs, 58 Master programs, 4 one-cycle Master programs, 54 PhD programs and 6 Doctoral programs. 68 of the programs are Double degree programs.” The University offers training in almost all branches of modern science and humanities and is considered to be the best university in Armenia in terms of offering bilingual education.

RAU participates in more than 20 international projects, 10 of which are Tempus project. More details can be found here