Odessa National Polytechnic University


The Odessa National Polytechnic University (ONPU), located in Odessa (Ukraine), was established in 1918. NowONPU is the biggest technical university in the south Ukraine with about 11000 students and 850 teaching staff members. ONPU provides 35 undergraduate and 63 graduate programs. It is known as one of the leading regional institutions in electrical, communication, and computer engineering education.

For some years past one of the main focuses of ONPU became LLL-programs. There was established post-graduate education center, which provides second-degree programs in all fields of study for undergraduate and graduate programs. Also some departments of ONPU are providing short-term study-courses for adults. For last 5 years ONPU actively develops training infrastructure involving IT companies. ONPU has cooperation with Fenix-Contact, Cisco and Microsoft.

ONPU has a reputation for science center, every year ONPU provides 2 national and 10 international conferences and seminars.

ONPU has a long track record in scientific cooperation with Europe in a number of FP7 projects, Tempus and Erasmus Mundus Programs, and with close links with many European universities.

Vira Liubchenko (prof., DSc)  accredited international engineering educator (ING-PAED IGIP UA-052), who are teaching courses in software engineering field for undergraduate, graduate and second-graduate students. She is engaged in development and implementation different program on teaching methods and e-learning for academic staff of University. She has more than 10 years experience in e-learning. Ukrainian expert in e-learning area (TEMPUS III project T017B06-2006). Now she is the coordinator of the TEMPUS project NEFESIE.

Ruslan Shaporin (prof., PhD) deputy head of Computer Intellectual Systems and Networks Department. He work asChairman of professional Certification Commission and as coordinator of projects, connected with advanced training of graduates. He has extensive experience in university teaching including delivering methodology, lectures, tutorials, practical classes and demonstrations using innovative course material for students undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs. Now he is an assistant of the coordinator of the TEMPUS project TATU and takes part in TEMPUS project PICASA.

Tetiana Onischenko senior lecturer who has long-term experience in resident and e-learning teaching in software engineering field. For last 10 years she is a senior manager of training center proposed short-term courses on computer science subjects for different customers. Also she has experience in working with second-graduate students.

Website: http://opu.ua/