The Nordic Information Days in Copenhagen about the Erasmus + Programs


The Nordic Information  Days in Copenhagen about the Erasmus+   Programs,  November 19-20,2015

The five Nordic countries,  Iceland, Denmark,  Norway, Sweden and Finland  will in cooperation arrange these two information  days.

Invitations  are sent to all Nordic Universities  from (among others) the Ministry  of Higher

Education  and Science of Denmark/Danish  Agency for Higher Education and the Swedish Council for Higher  for Higher  Education.

More information  about the program: lt/arra nge me nter/no rd ic- info rma tio n-da ys-1 lt/arra nge me nter/2015 /filer/nord ic- informatio n-days-pro gra mme-updated-oct-


The Tempus LeAGUe project is selected by the organization  committee  – to represent a Swedish EU-program and to be presented in Copenhagen.  Ulf Rosen will be responsible  for the presentation.  Some part of the presentation  will be done in cooperation with Lika Glonti,  Head of Erasmus+ Office of Georgia.