Meetings at Linnaeus University in Vaxjo

Meetings at Linnaeus University in Vaxjo by representatives from the AGU- and the EU-regions – University Conference about  the Tempus LeAGUe Intermediate Report and Synergy and Dissemination processes together with two other Tempus projects

Agenda and Name List for these two Tempus days at Linnaeus University are attached.

May 19 (Tuesday)

There were information, discussions and working seminars concerning the LeAGUe Intermediate Report, IMR – also in cooperation with the Tempus project “Strengthening the Specific Role of Universities as LLL Institutions, SSRULLI”, coordinated by Tbilisi State University in Georgia.

Information about SSRULLI: There was a decision made about how to continue the IMR process.

The participants also made a study visit to the Computer Science company Fortnox, situated close to Linnaeus University.

There was arranged a conference dinner at Evedal Vardshus (Tavern) in the evening.

May  20 (Wednesday)

A Synergy and Dissemination Day Participation by the three Tempus projects:

  • A Network for Developing Lifelong Learning in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine, LeAGUe
  • Advanced Training and Life long Learning Program in Applied Health Sciences
  • Strenthening the Specific Role of Universities as LLL Institutions, SSRULLI

After project presentations group seminars were arranged with participation from the three Tempus projects in each group. Reports from the groups and conclusions finalized the day.