Meeting in Ruse, Bulgaria, October 6-8, 2014


The third meeting, including all partners, of the Tempus LeAGUe project was arranged in Ruse (Bulgaria) University of Ruse Angel Kanchev.
The meeting was opened by Juliana Popova (vice rector) and introduced by Stoyanka Smrikarova and Ulf Rosen.

The results from the Deliverables (2.1-2.6) of Work Package 2, National Policies of LLL, were presented and discussed as:

2.1 LLL Assessments Guidelines (ALLLL)
2.2 LLL Monitoring Working Model (ISU)
2.3 LLL Regulatory Framework (NTUU)
2.4 LLL Expert Network framework (KNURE)
2.5 Company Cooperation Strategies (KNURE)
2.6 Inter Project Coaching (ANAU)
A summary with conclusions of WP2, “National Policies of LLL”.
Country-wise seminars as introductions to
–  WP3, “Implementation of LLL strategies & policies in partners universities”;
–  Preparation of the implementation processes of LLL-centers at the Ministries later on of the project period.

Work Package 3, “Implementation of LLL strategies & policies in partners universities” was introduced by DTU, which is the coordinating institution of WP3. The Questionnaire related to this WP was also introduced and discussed.
Will be sent to the partners later on.

Other issues, which were discussed:
–  Participation by partner staff members with the best LLL-competences to the upcoming Tempus meetings
– The Equipment process
– Time table and host institutions of upcoming meetings as DTU, (February 2-4,2015), Armenian partner (June 8-11, 2015), UC/ONPU (October 5-7, 2015), Armenian/Ukrainian host institution (February, 2016), Armenian/Ukrainian host institution (June, 2016), ISU (Fall semester, 2016).

Meeting minutes, more detailed, will be uploaded in My Moodle later on.