Linnaeus University



Linnaeus University has taken its name from Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778), possibly the greatest Swedish scientist of all time. Just like him, Linnaeus University is intrepid, curious and innovative. While the university is firmly rooted in the Småland region of southern Sweden where Linnaeus was born, our activities, like his, have no boundaries.

Our goal is to be a modern university, combining the highest possible quality in education and research with the demands and needs of both the surrounding community and our students. We strongly believe in linking education with research, as well as linking academic curiosity with applied knowledge.

Linnaeus University is one of the larger higher education institutions in Sweden with 31,000 students, 150 degree programmes and 2,500 single-subject courses in a wide variety of disciplines. The university is known for its strong international profile, with partner universities in more than 60 countries. Every year some 1,600 international students from all over the world come here to study.

Ulf Rosen , MSc (Physics), MSc (Education) has been head coordinator of LLL-programmes since 1999. He is International coordinator of courses and programmes such as Erasmus IP, Linnaeus-Palme. Coordinator of the Tempus project *Development of a Network for Lifelong Learning in Armenia, Georgia and Ukriane*. He has been member of the Swedish National Reference group for the Erasmus programs. He is coordinating e-Learning programmes (distance learning), Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences, programs for Swedish teachers.

Katarina Rönndahl  Master of Science in Information Systems. She has been working in the private sector for many years In 2008 she began to work at Växjö University (which is now Linnaeus University), responsible for the administration of the education in Informatics, Computer Science and Media Technologhy, later also for the administration of the PhD education at the Faculty of Technology. Today she works as an International Coordinator at the Faculty of Technology were her main focus is on international projects. At the moment she is the project administrator for two Tempus projects coordinated by LNU.  She is secretary of the board of the LLL program and project “Social Media and Web Technologies for Innovation and Growth”,( ). Since June 2014 she is a member of the Swedish National Reference Group for Erasmus+ Key Action 2.

Jan Aidemark  PhD in Computer and Systems Science. Currently employed as Senior Lecturer in Informatics with long teaching experience in the subject. Director of the Master programme in Information Systems. Main research direction is Strategic Planning of Knowledge Management Systems.

Gösta Sundberg  senior international coordinator at the Faculty of Technology and Senior Lecturer in Computer Science. Special interests in Computer Graphics, Numerical Methods and Programming Languages Theories and with long teaching experience in Computer Science in general. Deeply involved in several Socrates/Erasmus activities since early 90’s, at one time also coordinator of an ICP network.

Hans Lundberg PhD in Entrepreneurship. Currently employed as Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at LNU. Extensive international experience in the subject, in particular from the Americas and Europe. Vice President of European Academy of Management (EURAM), one of eight founding professional associations of European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), an international network for management research and teaching that includes more than 40.000 management scientists from all over the world. Main research interest is nascent entrepreneurship in practices constituted of hybrid logics or increasingly under influence there of.