Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics

logoKNUREaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaKNURE is one of the leading universities in electronics, telecommunications and IT technologies. It was founded in 1930 and has more than 9000 graduate students in 35 Bachelors and Master programs of studies. KNURE has 30 leading scientific schools in the field of space research and informatics. Since 2002  Centre of KNURE Postgraduate Education (CPE) has provided educational services in the field of IT for adult training and retraining all over Ukraine in active cooperation with KNURE “Career Center” and Regional Employment center. KNURE has Center of Technologies for Distant Education for training students and adults where annually over 2550 people get retraining on more than 150 IT-courses. KNURE Testing center conducts students and adults knowledge evaluation using own OpenTest system, it allows to perform matrix of pedagogical measurement of courses which increase the quality of adults education. OpenTest is used now by 40 Ukrainian Universities.

University provides higher education in two levels – Bachelor – Master or Bachelor – Specialist. The education is organized in accordance with the principles of the ECTS credit system.

Area of training are: Applied mathematics, Informatics, System Analysis, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Security of Information and Communication Systems, Systems of Technical Information Security, Radio Engineering,  Information Security Management, Telecommunications, Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies, System Engineering, Radio Electronic Devices, Micro-

and nanoelectronics, Optoengineering, Metrology, Information and Measurement Engineering,  Metrology, Standardization and Certification, Publishing and Printing, Electronic Devices and Systems, Acoustic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Economic Cybernetics.

Center of Postgraduate Education.

The basic center activity is providing education services in special branches of activity considering the latest achievements and in conformity with scientific investigations in such branches as computing, telecommunication, information, banking and biochemical technologies and systems.

Basic activity of the center is to provide such educational services:

  • Retraining of specialists (duration of study – from 1 to 2 years);
  • The 2nd Higher Education (from 2 to 3 years);
  • External studies ( from 2 to 3 years);
  • Distant Master Degree (2 year), specialties: Software Engineering; System Software; Artificial Intelligence Systems; Security of Information and Communication Systems; Security of State Information Resources; Information Communication Network.
  • Professional Development on basic majors (from 3 months).

In average 450-550 students are annually enrolled at the Center. More than 13000 specialists have been trained here for the lifetime of the Center. The training and retraining of specialists on basic majors are conducted in accordance with the curriculum.

The training is conducted in modern computer labs. Students are provided with a powerful computer having all the necessary software and a comfortable workplace in a classroom. Lectures and workshops are held by highly skilled educators whose professional competence is confirmed by numerous international certificates.

The Center of Post-University Training organizes instruction courses. The courses are intended for the professional development of people who has got basic and higher education.

The graduates are granted with the state certificate of professional development.

Zoya Dudar  Associate Professor and Head of Software Engineering department. Director of the Postgraduate Education Center, responsible for providing principles of postgraduate adult programs . Vice-chairman of the Subcommittee of scientific-methodical commission of MES.  Member of a working group of European business association on the drafting of legislation in IT.

Ilona Revenchuk  Associate Professor of Software Engineering department. Deputy Director of Postgraduate Education Center KNURE. Experience in the educational process of adult learning (development: of curriculum and training programs, of cost calculation and budget, finance management). Experience in international research and education projects, curriculum development.

Tetyana Shatovska  Associate Professor of Software Engineering department. Director of the Career Center and Incubator laboratory, responsible for collaboration between university and companies. Experience in collaboration with IT-parks and government union of young entrepreneurs. Experience in joint education projects with industry and startups. Experience in international research and education projects, curriculum development.

Viktor Kauk  Associate Professor of Software Engineering department. Director of Distance Learning Technologies center, responsible for methodology and IT platform for distance and e-learning adult education system. Head of KNURE Testing centre and virtual laboratory. Chairman of the Microsoft Innovation Center.