Armenian National Agrarian University



During 80 years of its existence Armenian National Agrarian University has acquired a great reputation as a university the history of which is full of achievements and success. It is the only higher educational institution in Armenia which trains and prepares specialists for agrarian sphere. ANAU has permanently been carrying out its key mission with a great responsibility training highly qualified specialists for the agrifood system of the Republic. More than 55000 alumni have made an invaluable contribution to the development of agriculture, food industry, agricultural mechanization, amelioration, hydro-technical construction and other fields of economy. 7 faculties of full-time studies, Departments of Master and Postgraduate Studies, Agribusiness Teaching Center (Armenian-American Teaching Center), Department of Part-time studies, Educational-methodical Center, College, Base Lyceum and three branches operate in Armenian National Agrarian University. The role of the Educational-methodical Center for the university is crucial. It is responsible for educational reforms, education quality control, strategy planning, self-analyzing, planning and realizing the licensing and accrediting processes as well as implementing trainings, life-long learning programms, etc. The University has strong teaching and research potential. Out of 622 lecturers of 45 chairs 52 are Doctor of Sciences, 326 are Candidates. There are four degree awarding professional councils: Agronomical, Veterinary Science, Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Mechanization and Economics in 14 specialty areas. Research projects are being carried out in an agrarian research center, 3 scientific centers, 2 research institutes and 5 problem laboratories which are aimed at increasing the efficiency of agricultural production.

ANAU has initiated and is currently realizing numerous academic-educational programms, which correspond to international academic standards and stem from the requirements of the Bologna Declaration. ANAU is active in international cooperation, staff and student exchanges are undertaken within the framework of EU Tempus, Erasmus-Mundus, Lifelong Learning Programme, bilateral cooperation programs.

The mission of ANAU paves a way for becoming an educational research and consultative centre in Armenia and in the region which will meet the needs of the contemporary labor market and consider their dynamic changes through the centralization of the educational and scientific personnel and material resources, through the integration of the outcomes and high achievements of the scientific, fundamental researches, through the increase of the research force input and through the assurance of qualified education.

Students: Currently about 3400 students in 36 specialty areas study at 7 faculties of full-time education system and about 4700 students in 26 specialty areas of part-time education system. More than 600 master’s and Ph.D. students conduct teaching and research work at the university.


  •  Agronomic
  •  Food Technologies
  •  Economics
  •  Agribusiness and Marketing
  •  Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry
  •  Mechanization and Transportation
  •  Water Conservation, Land Management and Land Cadastre

Smbat DAVEYAN: He is a Candidate of Technical Sciences, Vice-rector, Head of Educational-methodical Center. He is responsible for the organization and coordination of activities related to educational reforms, and strategy planning, control over education quality and self-analyzing, planning and realizing the licensing and accrediting processes of specialties, as well as for implementing trainings, life-long learning programms. He is a member of scientific council of the university, a member of scientific-methodical council of Ministry of education of the Republic of Armenia. He is the author of a great number of articles published in national and international magazines. In frame of exchange programs he participated in trainings abroad.

Valentina GRIGORYAN (LEAGUE project ANAU coordinator): She is working at the ANAU as international project’s coordinator. She has great experience in the coordination of international educational and technical projects, in curriculum development, project management, establishing of collaboration with different foreign and international organizations, in the conducting negotiations, in the organizing international seminars and conferences. She is responsible for the organization of student and staff mobility, study recognition issues. She is a member of ANAU institutional self-assessment workgroup. She participated in international seminars, training courses, conferences. She is member of Armenian Branch of the International Academy of Science of Nature and Society. In 2000 she was awarded as a Honorary Doctor of the Academy.

Henrik SARGSYAN: He is a Head of the Supplementary and life-long learning Division. He is responsible for the organization and coordination of activities related to improvement of professional skill of university’s staff, agricultural specialists and farmers, for organization of re-trainings, life-long learning programms. He is a member of two scientific councils in awarding degrees of Candidate and Doctor of science; a member of scientific-methodical council of Ministry of education of the Republic of Armenia. During 1979-1981 he was an adviser of the agricultural developing issues, Republic of Cuba. He get many awards, like a Golden medal of ANAU, an Honorary Award of Ministry of agricultural economy of the Republic of Armenia, an Honorary Award of the Embassy of USSR in the Republic of Cuba. He has 74 scientific articles, manuals.

Jemma HAKOBYAN: She is a leading specialist at the Supplementary and life-long learning Division. She is assisting the organization of activities related to re-qualification of university’s staff, agricultural specialists and farmers. She has high education, in 1996 she graduated from the ANAU with Excellency receiving the specialization of engineer-technologist with the specialty of Milk and Dairy Production technology. She worked as an administrator at the dean office of the technological faculty of the Armenian Agricultural Academy. She has experience in the organizing meetings, representing the university at the international fairs, meetings/events.