Adult Education Association of Georgia

loggg Adult Education Association of Georgia (AEAG) was founded in November 2004. Currently, the Association has more than 55 members represented by organisations and individuals alike. It encompasses member organizations in all regions of Georgia and has established contacts with those organizations operating in this region which offer population adult education programs. One of the strongest points is that the association is the only professional entity in the country which has been implementing its work since 2005 providing its members with professional services.

AEAG’s mission is to contribute to creation and development of relevant lifelong learning (LLL) system in Georgia, which corresponds to the Georgian reality and local challenges and creates equal access for all irrespective of their age, gender, domicile, occupation, ethnicity and religion.

The Association has the following strategic directions:

  • Elaboration and introduction of Adult Education (AE) and Lifelong Learning (LLL) Strategy/Policy;
  • Promotion of Adult Education Centres (AEC) and support of similar institutions;
  • Organisational and network development of the Association;

In 2009, the memorandum of mutual cooperation between AEAG and Ministry of Education and Science was signed and according to the memorandum, the Association prepared Adult Education Strategy in the Context of Lifelong Learningwhich defined provision of the possibility of lifelong learning for the citizens as one of the significant pre-conditions of successful development of the country.

Tea Gulua  Executive Director of Adult Education Association of Georgia (AEAG). Journalist by education, she graduated from Lomonosov State University of Moscow. She has had 15-year-experience of working for international organizations. By her editing in 2003-14 are published several books on the theme of adult education.

Tea has proven experience in the policy/strategy development of adult education in the context of Lifelong Learning.  She is involved in the different projects in Vocational Education and Adult Education as an expert and a coordinator.

Anastasia Kitiashvili Associate Professor at Tbilisi State University.   She received her MSc from the university of  Edunburgh and her PhD from Tbilisi State University.  Since 2011 she is a member of the board of the AEAG.  Anastasia has more than 10 years experience in the field of Social Research and higher education.   She has more than 8 years experience  in VET in the following directions : policy formulation and dialogue; policy reforms and qualifications system; trends and developments in VET system in the EU; capacity building assessment; curriculum  design & reform and quality assurance  tools; labour market systems and institutions in Georgia. Anastasia has a solid experience in working with various local and international organizations as a senior expert in education, policy and research.

Anastasia’s  professional  interests cover  but are not limited to: policy analysis, reforms and quality in vocational and higher education;  qualitative and quantitative research, social psychological interventions, social identity and capital.