Tempus LeAGUe Information and Synergy Meetings in Yerevan (April 8-9) and in Vanadzor (April 10)

  • April 8


There was a meeting arranged at Russian Armenian University (RAU). Suzanna Shamakhyan (RAU) and Lena Muradyan (RAU) met with Ulf Rosen and Gosta Sundberg, both from Linnaeus  University.  We  informed  each  other  the  project  of  today   and discussed about: RAU, the RAU LeAGUe LLL-course ”Arts and Crafts”, the Tempus LeAGUe meeting in Armenia, June 8-11 and RAU as host institution on Thursday, June 11.

  • April 9

Meeting at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of   Armenia

Participants: Aida Tigranyan (Ministry), Ulf Rosen (Linnaues University, LNU), Gosta Sundberg (LU), Samvel Karabakyan (Armenian Lifelong Learning League, ALLLL), Gayane Ghukasyan (ALLL), Lilit Torchyan (Gavar State University) and Lena Muradyan (RAU). We updated ourselves about the LeAGUe project. We discussed how to get the best integration between the project and the Ministry and the support from the Ministry of development of LLL-centers in Armenia.

Meeting at  ALLLL

Participants: The LeAGUe representatives mentioned above. Additional Zhanna Khachatryan  (ALLLL)  and  Zaruhi   Margaryan   (Armenian   National   Agrarian University)

We discussed the meeting at the Ministry. Created a more or less final agenda for the Tempus LeAGUe meeting in Armenia, June  8-11  also  including  the practical arrangements.

Ulf Rosen informed the group about Thematic days about Entrepreneurship and Learning Workshops arranged by Linnaeus University and will take place in Armenia, October 21-23, 2015 and October 26-28, 2015 in Georgia. The same program will be arranged in the end of September in Kiev, Ukraine. The first Thematic day will be open for all Armenian Universities, but the Learning Workshops will be arranged only for the LeAGUe partners (max 20 participants). The Armenian LeAGUe partners will discuss mutual and internal where to arrange these three days – at which universities.


  • April 10

Meeting at Vanadzor State University  (VSU)

Information and Synergy Meeting between the two Tempus projects SSRULLI and LeAGUe

Information about SSRULLI: https://eu.daad.de/medien/eu/veranstaltungen/bologna/ppp_13.05._darchia.pdf

http://www.vsu.am/index.php/en/mijazgayin-kaper/mijazgayin-cragrer/tempus- menu/hamals-vorpes-ckyans menu

Participants: Rector of VSU, about ten VSU Staff members including the VSU SSRULLI representatives, Ulf Rosen and Gosta Sundberg. Unfortunately did Lana Karlova cancel her participation.

Welcome and information from Rector of VSU. Discussions with him. Seminar between staffs from the two Tempus projects SSRULLI and LeAGUe. Discussions about the continuation and of the cooperation between the two projects.

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