21 – 23 October, 2015, Yerevan, Armenia

Learning as an entrepreneurial process” Workshop at Russian-Armenian University

On    October    21 – 23,    Russian- Armenian   Univ ersity    hosted    a    v ery    interesting workshop on Learning as an entrepreneurial process” in the framework of “A Network   for   Dev eloping   Lifelong   Learning   in   Armenia,   Georgia   and   Ukraine” (LeAGUe) T empus project the main objectiv e of which is to addresses the urgent need for     enhancing     social     inclusion,     activ e     citizenship,     personal     dev elopment, competitiv eness   and  employ ability   of  Armenian,  Georgian  and  Ukrainian  citizens through quality Life Long learning (LLL) programs.

T he workshop was conducted by the expert in the field, Mr. Hans Lundberg, Vice President at the European Academy of Management (EURAM), Brussels, Belgium. He is also the Chief Analy st in two European Union T empus Projects chaired by Linneaus Univ ersity in cooperation with the Ministries of Education in Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia and a consortia of univ ersities (one of which is RAU). T he relation between entrepreneurship and learning is an important part of progressiv eentrepreneurship theory and practice. T here is much to gain from discussing entrepreneurship and learning in an integrated way related to LLL. T he conducted workshop aimed at initiating such a dialogue in Armenia. It will be followed by the two- day master classes for Armenian  project partners that will be hosted by RAU.

  • T he presentation of Mr. Lundberg can be found here .
  • Agenda of the workshop & training is here.

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